Facebook Portal

Today Facebook unveils its newest device Portal. The device comes as a 10-inch screen at $199 and $349 for the 15.6-inch screen.  Using voice navigation, The device allows you to connect to Facebook Messenger for video calls and Facebook Watch for videos. As well as more features like a connection with music apps like Spotify […]

Rolls Royce to join in on Flying Cars?

Throughout many headlines, we hear about how many auto companies are looking to push the bars forward in technology. Many of those expectations with self-driving cars but we don’t often hear about how companies have started to pursue the race to flying cars.  With companies like Uber looking to test its process as early as 2020 […]

Apple defends users rights by blocking Law enforments hacking methods

So what exactly is law enforcement using to get into users iPhones, a little toy called GrayKey. The device allows the user to extend its password attempts from 2 hours to over 3 days depending on the password. Law enforcement agencies have been using the device to tap into locked iPhones but, Apple fights back […]

FCC requests Amazon and eBay to stop selling Internet TV boxes

With the rise of the internet giving us the ability to get our hands on almost anything. The FCC finds the pre-enabled Kodi TV and firestick boxes allow users to stream anything from old movies to the movies on the big screen, to be “intellectual property theft and consumer fraud.” Some Users know the devices streaming […]

Coca- Cola introduces its brew to Japan

Today marks the day the beverage giant Coca-Cola in its 132-year history launches its first alcoholic beverage. In the Kyushu region of Japan, is the only location the lemony drink will be sold. Longly awaited in Japan the drink is refered to as chuhai. It is often made with shochu or distilled grain-based alcohol with carbonated water flavored with […]