Rolls Royce to join in on Flying Cars?

Throughout many headlines, we hear about how many auto companies are looking to push the bars forward in technology. Many of those expectations with self-driving cars but we don’t often hear about how companies have started to pursue the race to flying cars.  With companies like Uber looking to test its process as early as 2020 in places like Dubai and Dallas. Also in the race is tech giant Google with Kitty Hawk.

During the Farnborough International Airshow in the UK, Rolls Royce premiered a 5 passenger, electric vertical takeoff and landing concept.  The vehicle is said to reach from 250-500 miles per hour. During the new release, Rob Watson spoke on the company pursuing a future in electric and hybrid electric flight.

The company also stated that the concept would be powered by six electric propulsors to have a low volume of noise and with wings that rotate 90 degrees allowing the vehicle to land/takeoff vertically.