With the rise of the internet giving us the ability to get our hands on almost anything. The FCC finds the pre-enabled Kodi TV and firestick boxes allow users to stream anything from old movies to the movies on the big screen, to be “intellectual property theft and consumer fraud.” Some Users know the devices streaming services are illegal, some don’t, and many just don’t give a damn.  Many media companies like Universal, Columbia, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros, and 20th Century Fox to name a few have been combating in courts against the issues. The FCC sent letters to the two companies as they are the locations where users are selling the preloaded software tv boxes.

“Many of these devices contain harmful malware that will most certainly be passed on to the consumer. Moreover, the consumer may unwittingly believe that the device is lawful since they were able to purchase it from a legitimate company.”

FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly.

The companies have expressed that they are also working to crack down on the issues by checking listing for words that give the description that the TV boxes are preloaded. Amazon and eBay both wrote letters back it responded back to the FCC concerns, telling them that they are working on the problems as swiftly as possible.

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