Spotify uses its platform to start an educational web series for artists looking to make it big.

It gives its users insights on how and when to upload music, the importance of and use of listening data. Teaching the artist how to use the Spotify platform to invest in their future in the music industry. The company gets in touch with a few of its industry friends like Troy Carter ( global head of creator services ), Dave Rocco ( current Universal Music Group executive vice president). As well as artist such as Mike Posner, Rick Ross, and Little Dragon.


“You can consider them the 101 basics that artists and their teams will need in order to navigate Spotify, get the most out of Spotify and succeed in the music industry in 2018,”

 “We’re trying to be as transparent as possible in any aspect of what we’re doing around Spotify for Artists, and offer easy access to information for all artists.”

Dominik Sanya

 Spotify’s global head of creator marketing

Spotify using its efforts on its platform to really help benefit its customers. Check out the videos below to see more on the deal.



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